Institutional Effectiveness

As a comprehensive public institution, Eastern Kentucky University prepares students to lead productive, responsible, and enriched lives. To accomplish this mission, the University emphasizes 1) Student Success, 2) Regional Stewardship and, 3) Critical and Creative Thinking and Effective Communication.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is dedicated to the provision of resources and high-quality services to support strategic planning, assessment, regional and programmatic accreditation, and academic program review activities to demonstrate the extent to which EKU is fulfilling its mission and realizing its vision.

The Institutional Effectiveness structure provides evidence about the progress made toward achieving EKU's Vision and Mission. By assessing in three primary areas, institional strategic plan, functional performance, and assurance of student learning, University officials are able to make sound decisions about areas and methods for improvement, as appropriate.

Institutional Effectivess Areas of Assessment


Eastern Kentucky University
Achieving our Goals. . .Realizing our Vision

♦Maximize student success.  ♦Build and sustain the Univerity's capacity for excellence.  ♦Create and maintain an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment. ♦Collaborate with the University's regional community partners to promote academic achievement, economic development, and quality of life.

2011-2015 Strategic Plan Overview and Detail