Institutional Effectiveness

As a comprehensive public institution, Eastern Kentucky University prepares students to lead productive, responsible, and enriched lives. To accomplish this mission, the University emphasizes 1) Academic Excellence, 2) Commitment to Student Success, 3) Institutional Distinction, 4) Financial Strength, 5) Campus Reviatalization, and 6) Service to Communitues and Region.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is dedicated to the provision of resources and high-quality services to support strategic planning, assessment, regional and programmatic accreditation, and academic program review activities to demonstrate the extent to which EKU is fulfilling its mission and realizing its vision.

The Institutional Effectiveness structure provides evidence about the progress made toward achieving EKU's Vision and Mission. Assessment of the Institutional Strategic Plan  includes the review of administrative and academic strategic plans (oversight groups and reporting units), as well as the Academic Program Review process. The evaluation of administrative and academic strategic plans focuses on  planning for administrative units​  and academic departments, as well as the assurance of student learning through the assessment of academic program level outcomes, general education outcomes, and professional accreditation outcome requirements. 

Institutional Effectivess Areas of Assessment


Eastern Kentucky University
Make no Little Plans: A Vision for 2020

♦ Academic excellence.  ♦ Commitment to student success.  ♦ Intuitional distinction. ♦ Financial strength. ♦ Campus revitalization. ♦ Service to communities and region.

2016-2020 Strategic Plan Overview and Detail