Degree Program Assessment

Minimum Requirements for Degree Program Assessment

All academic departments at EKU are required to define and assess student learning objectives. Specifically academic units that award degrees, minors, and/or certificates must include:

3-5 student learning objectives for each academic major program, two of which must focus upon:

          * Critical or Creative Thinking

           * Communication Skills

Options: 1 unique SLO for each option (included in the 3-5 SLOs for the major program)

Minors: 1 SLO for each minor

Certificates: 1 SLO for each certificate program of fewer than 30 credits (if 30 or more credit hours, then need at least 1 additional SLO)

Multiple methods of assessment are recommended for each objective. Each Student Learning Objective requires a minimum of 2 measures per SLO (of which at least one is a direct measure).

Documents and Links of Interest

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