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Uploading Evidence Instructions 

TracDat can be accessed from off campus using an EKU issued laptop. All EKU laptops run a program called Direct Access that allows users to connect to EKU services (TracDat, Footprints, Banner, etc.) as if they were on campus.

Users can also access TracDat from off campus on a virtual private network connection (VPN) connecting their home computer to their work computer. If you are interested in that option, IT will be happy to assist users in setting up access.

If you had previously bookmarked the link to TracDat, please do so again to ensure that your access to the login page is not interrupted.  TracDat will not be available from off campus computers for the foreseeable future.


TracDat is the centralized software system used by EKU to document our planning and assessment efforts. By using TracDat we are able to offer a consistent, standardized structure for maintaining and reporting on planning and assessment efforts at all levels of the university.

TracDat Assistance

For TracDat assistance please contact Tanlee Wasson at 622-8664 or email Tanlee at

TracDat Training

TracDat training schedules can be found on the OIE Training Opportunities page.

General TracDat Resources


TracDat tips for General Education Course Assessment are available on the General Education Assessment website.


TracDat Instructions for Entering Strategic Plan

 Oversight Groups TracDat Data Entry Information

 Reporting Units TracDat Data Entry Information


TracDat Tutorial Videos