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*Login to TracDat Here*

What is TracDat?

TracDat is the centralized software system used by EKU to document our planning and assessment efforts. By using TracDat we are able to offer a consistent, standardized structure for maintaining and reporting on planning and assessment efforts at all levels of the university.

TracDat Access

  • You may access TracDat both on and off campus with this link:
  • Please use your EKU issued laptop/desktop to access TracDat.
  • Using a Mac? Contact IT support at 622-3000 if experiencing access issues (a Cisco download may be necessary).
  • TracDat supports multiple browsers, most use either Chrome or Firefox.
  • If you have bookmarked the TracDat login link, please update it with the link provided above (you may also want to clear your history, close your browser, and restart your computer).
  • If you need a TracDat account or login credentials (TracDat accounts cannot be accessed with EKU SSO - a separate login is needed), please contact Meagan Murray. 

Instructional How To's - Learn TracDat

Quick Updating Reminders

  • How much must be updated each year?   At least half of the objectives, making sure all objectives are assessed at least twice in the five year planning cycle.  (Remember:  if you are choosing not to update a particular objective, please indicate as a Results/Observations when the objective will be evaluated).
  • NEVER DELETE ANYTHING!  If there is an objective and/or assessment method that is no longer relevant, outdated, and/or just not meeting the needs of the department/program - please mark it as INACTIVE, rather than deleting it.  If the objective and/or assessment method needs minor tweaking in verbage or criterion, please EDIT it. 
  • To Add or Update an Objective or Assessment Method, follow the path:  Reporting Unit Planning | Plan
  • To Add or Update the Results/Observations or Meaningful Change, follow the path:  Reporting Unit Planning | Results/Observations
  • Meaningful Change is reported in the past tense, and must include Evidence uploaded as a Related Document. 
  • Please do not use "Directly related to Objective."  All results/observations and meaningful change should be nested under existing or newly created assessment methods. 
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