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Academic Program Review Resources 

Academic Program Review Explanatory Sections

  1. Statement of Purpose
  2. Process & Calendar
  3. Evaluation & Recommendation
  4. Template, Data and Schedule of Programs
  5. APR Cohort

Statement of Purpose

EKU conducts periodic reviews of approved academic programs, with some uniform types of information required for each program.  Program Review should strengthen degree programs by continuously improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning, research, and service.  Eastern’s academic program review process seeks to be meaningful, streamlined to the degree possible, and provide a medium to make the case that a program is high quality, fulfilling its mission, contributing to, and aligning with the mission, goals, and plans of Eastern Kentucky University. 

Programs Being Review

There are forty-two (42) programs to be reviewed in 2020-21 (see the 2019-2024 APR Schedule)

  • Programs scheduled for review in both 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 will be reviewed during 2020-21.
  • Programs who were scheduled to be reviewed during 2019-2020 do not have to include an additional year of data and/or information; however, they can if they choose. 
  • If a program is completing/has completed an external accreditation during its review year, it may submit the accreditation report in lieu of the program review template by following these guidelines:
    • All questions/topics from the Program Review Template must be addressed in the accreditation report; template items not specifically addressed in the accreditation report must be submitted as an addendum.
    • All questions/topics from the Program Review Template must be identified and highlighted in the accreditation report to facilitate review and evaluation.

Process & Calendar

The 2019 - 2024 Program Review Process will follow these steps (see corresponding calendar below):

  • Each college will create a committee to evaluate and provide recommendations to the Provost concerning the program review documents originating in their respective college.
  • A Cohort will be created that includes the Chairs and/or Program Coordinators of the programs up for review. The cohort will meet monthly (via Zoom) to discuss specific program review related topics, as well as ask questions and share ideas. (For more information about the Cohort, scroll to the bottom of this page.)
  • The program will submit the final program review report to the college committee for college level review and approval.  The committee may request revision to the report prior to submission to the Dean. 
  • Simultaneous to submitting the final program review report to the college committee for college level review and approval, the program will also submit the final program review report to at least one peer external to the college and/or university.  The external reviewer will provide feedback to the program, which will be used to revise the report prior to submission to the College Dean.  (In some cases, a reviewer from another department inside the college may be acceptable with approval from the Dean.  Programs with professional accreditation may meet this requirement with evidence of a recent external accreditation process.)
  • The College Dean will do a final college level review prior to submission to Institutional Effectiveness & Research (IE&R). 
  • The Provost, Associate Provost, VP of Student Success, and IE&R will review the reports and recommendations of the program and the college and make recommendations to the Deans' Council. 
  • If the Deans' Council recommends changes to the program, follow-up review will include the following: a) 6 month preliminary review submitted to Deans'  Council; b) 1-year full review and further recommendation submitted to Deans' Council; c) final Deans' Council review and development of future plan.
  •  IE&R will submit the final report and recommendation to CPE. 


  • Fall 2020:  Colleges create evaluation committee
  • August & September 2020:  Deans, Associate Deans, Chairs, & Program Coordinators review Program Review Schedule, Process, and Materials
  • October & November 2020: Chairs, Program Coordinators, and/or Program Faculty complete a draft of the review.
  • November 16, 2020 | Institutional Effectiveness & Research will provide the Program Review Data for PR Template Item #2
  • January & February 2021:  Program review report is finalized, and external reviewer is selected. 
  • March 5, 2021 | Program submits final program review report to college committee for review.
  • March 5, 2021 | Program submits final program review report to external reviewer.
  • April 16, 2021 | College committee submits recommendations to Dean; external review is submitted to Dean.
  • May 21, 2021| Dean's office submits final report to IE&R with committee, Dean, and external review recommended actions.
  • June & July 2021 | IE&R, VP of Student Success, Associate Provost, & Provost review all reports and recommendations.
  • July & August 2021 | Provost and Deans' Council provides final recommendations.

Evaluation & Recommendation 

Program Review Rubric - The rubric is used by college review committees in conjunction with the program's completed review template, student success data, and any supplemental materials to evaluate the program.

External Review Guidelines

External Review Template - If needed, feel free to share this template with the external reviewer:  the external review is not required to be in this format. Programs may also use external review forms provided by accrediting bodies or forms provided by the external reviewers themselves.  

For all new and existing programs undergoing review, the evaluations conducted and recommendations provided will determine whether the academic program should:

  • (1) continue without modification,
  • (2) continue with modification, or
  • (3) close within one to three years. 

Programs continuing with modification submit a three-year plan for improvement and three years later submit a progress report/recommendation (continue without modification or close the program) for EKU and CPE review and action.

Program Review Template and Schedule of Programs

The Program Review Template provides the basis for program evaluation.  This version of the template with notes includes questions to answer and consider as you complete the template. 

Program Review Data

The Program Review Schedule is created based on past review cycles and what makes most sense for programs, particularly with respect to issues such as timing of external accreditation reviews and having similar programs undergoing review together. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2019-20  review process was suspended; therefore, programs scheduled for review in both 2019-20 and 2020-21, will be reviewed in 2020-21. Review is at the program level (e.g., BA English), not at the option or concentration level (e.g., not BA English - Creative Writing).  All programs will be reviewed once within a five-year period (2019 - 2024) with adjustments as necessary to align with professional accreditation cycles and/or program modifications. 

Program Review Cohort

Beginning this year, we are pleased to introduce a new component to the Academic Program Review process- the creation of a cohort for the programs currently under review.  The purpose of the APR Cohort is to establish a community focused on program excellence, as well as increase communication, participation, and support during the program review process.  The cohort is open to Department Chairs, Program Coordinators, and/or others associated with the programs under review for 2019-20 and 2020-21.  The cohort will meet monthly (via Zoom) to discuss specific program review related topics, as well as ask questions and share ideas.  The cohort meetings will be facilitated by IE&R.

2020 Monthly Cohort Meeting Topics & Schedule:  (Third Thursday of each month at 11:00am - 12:00pm)

We will use the same Zoom link for all the meetings - contact Bethany Miller if you need the link.

  • September 17:  Overview of Program Review Process and Timeline
  • October 15:  Telling the Story of the Program with the PR Template (blank) | PR Template with Notes updated 11/19/20)
  • November 19:  Supporting the Review with Data and Meeting Expectations of the Evaluation Rubric
  • January 21:  Selecting the Outside Reviewer and Conveying the Message
  • February 18:  Question/Idea Sharing in Preparation for March Submission

QUESTIONS:  Contact Bethany Miller, Senior Director Institutional Effectiveness & Research

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